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Water-cooled screw chiller freezer Air cooled box chiller
Water-cooled screw chiller freezer Air cooled box chiller
[The supply of refrigeration units is in short supply. Why does this factory do it?]
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AG真人游戏官网Although the start of the new year will be difficult, as long as the economic pressure brought by the epidemic is transformed into the motivation to rise to the difficulties and start a business, good results will be achieved! Shandong Snowball Refrigeration Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. is just like this, insisting on "creating maximum value for partners", as always, providing quality services to new and old customers, and achieving gratifying growth in its performance in the first half of 2020!

In 2020, the cold expo market entered Shandong Snowball. Chairman Liu Junjiang told Li Yiqiang: “Our refrigeration units are in short supply this year. The factory has just sent two batches of goods. Many large orders are actively looking for them, especially for screws. Units and box-type units have always been the trend of both supply and sales; Shandong Snowball products, as the company's own brand, are highly popular in the market, and sales momentum remains high."

AG真人游戏官网 Li Yiqiang analyzed that this year the country will list the cold chain as a new infrastructure, which will definitely promote the development of the refrigeration industry, especially when the epidemic is controllable, the refrigeration industry will have great potential! Of course, for Snowball’s growth, Li Yiqiang also praised that Chairman Liu Junjiang’s thinking is very correct. Shandong Snowball’s development strategy has always insisted on focusing on high-quality and high-end brands, insisting on improving its brand value, and it will definitely win Customer and market recognition!

   The reporter also understands that the Snowball brand unit products are very complete and have obvious characteristics. The first type is the condensing unit, there are box-type condensing units, including side blowing, top blowing, V-type, the compressor adopts Danfoss hermetic and BITZER semi-hermetic compressors. The second is an open condensing unit, mainly side blowing and top blowing. The third category is the production of chillers. For example, a project in South Korea used 8 box-type chillers from Snowball, the main engine Bitzer, and the control component Danfoss. The company recognized it and proposed to increase investment in the company next year. The fourth is parallel units. Although there are many parallel units in the market, Snowball has developed special products. For example, in the Inner Mongolia market, Meiyou Leduo parallel units were launched for milk stations. This unit combines condenser, compressor, and evaporator, which is convenient for milk station use. In addition, regarding the conversion of ammonia to fluorine in the Shandong market, BITZER multi-heads were introduced in parallel to optimize electronic control, making it convenient and fast for customers to use. It also adheres to the concept of high-efficiency, energy-saving and centralized win-win for parallel units, which saves about 20% of electricity compared to other similar products. The fifth is the screw unit, including screw single-stage and parallel units. Mainly Bitzer, Fusheng and Hanzhong.

   Liu Junjiang also pointed out: “Snowball must insist on being its own brand. We must move closer to international brands, learn from their advanced technology humbly, improve our advanced skills, and strengthen our own strength.”

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